10 clothes that make a person look thinner

Vertical Stripes Lengthen

Horizontal stripes are notorious for highlighting weaknesses. However, pattern lovers should try vertical stripes.

Pointy-Toed Heels Lengthen The Body

Slimming shoes are as crucial as clothes. For shorter persons, pointy-toed heels stretch the torso, whereas dark-colored strapped heels shorten.

Balance Accessories

Accessories provide flair. When wearing a jewelry or purse for a night out, consider balance and proportion. Small bags and thin belts draw attention to full-figured women. 

Black Slims Elegantly

Black superpowers are well known. Because it hides faults, the dark tint is attractive and slimming.

Healthy Tans Hide Flaws

A good tan hides minor cellulite and spider veins. An even tan boosts confidence with shorts, strapless tops, and dresses.

Avoid Chunky Shoes

Chunky shoes are trendy, but they're not worth buying. To look leaner and taller, fuller-figured women should avoid these shoes.

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V-necks lengthen the neck and torso.

Choose v-neck tops and dresses. This style broadens the shoulders, lengthens the neck, and slims the body.

Beware Pleats and Ruffles

Pleated clothes looks feminine when worn properly. Unfortunately, pleats begin to fall. 

Bodysuits Reduce Rolls

Bodysuits are the easiest approach to thin. This garment slims and flatters by smoothing unsightly rolls.

Wear Different Patterns Top and Bottom.

Wearing bright patterns on top and bottom is a fashion faux pas. Some celebs can pull off this bizarre look, but most can't—especially those without stylists.

Avoid Khaki and Light-Colored Pants.

Lighter colors are popular in summer, but they don't tolerate body parts.

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