Britney Spears' Fans Are 'Concerned' Again

Britney Spears shared two Instagram videos of her dancing erratically in a provocative costume, scaring fans. Spears' snakeskin thong footage concerned fans about her mental health.

Her 41.9 million followers have been "concerned" about her conduct before, as she has shared various enigmatic videos and photos that have raised concerns. 

The Grammy winner released a video of herself dancing seductively to a remix on April 19. She danced and grinned on her home video. 

She donned a low-cut, long-sleeved crop top in bright red. The "...Baby One More Time" singer flaunted her abs in a snakeskin thong. 

The footage has many abrupt jump cuts, indicating several takes. Spears always looked at the camera, which many have labeled "scary" or "strange." 

She posted three red rose emojis. She wore a similar outfit with a yellow top one day previously. Another wrote, “Okay, [Britney] genuinely needs help.” “Something doesn’t seem right with her.”

"[Britney] in her Instagram videos is an extreme parody of the need to be approved of your physique and the obsession to be liked on social media," said another admirer. 

Very sorry.” The user requested "someone to assist her" and not to "make fun of anybody." Another Reddit member told The Mirror, “There is certainly something not right. Poor Britney.”

Others supported the "Toxic" singer, saying she may be dancing in the videos for "simple fun" and that there's "nothing to worry about."

“Let my girl Britney dance,” one tweeted. "Britney inspires me to dance," said another. Great workout and stress relief!” “I love [Britney’s] dancing vids,” said another.

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