Bindi Irwin's Instagram Posts Draw Support from Fans

Since she was a toddler, Bindi Irwin has appeared on her dad's TV programs, but most of her admirers were ignorant of her decade-long health battle.

The animal environmentalist and TV celebrity recently spoke up about her struggle with endometriosis, a common but painful ailment in which endometrial-like tissue develops outside the uterus.

Bindi said that she had "insurmountable fatigue, pain & nausea" for 10 years before being diagnosed with endometriosis. 

The 24-year-old had surgery lately. She advised her 5 million Instagram followers to be "gentle" with her narrative.

"Things may look fine on the outside looking in through the window of someone’s life, but that is not always the case," she remarked. 

Please be kind and stop before asking me (or any lady) when we'll have more children."

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She advised similarly afflicted ladies to get assistance. "Millions of women struggle with a similar story," Bindi added. It's stigmatized. 

I'm sharing my tale for anybody who's silently suffering with no solutions. This confirms your suffering and warrants assistance. Find answers."

Another image showed Bindi beaming in a hospital bed with a bunch of flowers. She thanked fans and stated she's recuperating.

Chandler, Bindi's husband, remarked, "You are the strongest, hardest person I know. I adore you and am happy for this new chapter of life," Robert exclaimed,

"You’re me hero, Bindi!" Selma Blair, Padma Lakshmi, and Amy Schumer sent encouraging notes.

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