Bad Buddies According To Zodiac Sign

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Aries and Cancer

These two zodiac signs bond over one-to-one, but they will not be able to tolerate each other's personalities when things start to go apart. 

Cancer avoids recklessness and is incredibly compassionate with regard to emotions.

Taurus and Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn have difficulty adapting to one another. It is impossible to refute their arguments on the grounds that these two are very similar.

They will not apologise and will lean towards ending their friendship, as opposed to reconciling.

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Gemini and Taurus

Twins are unrestricted and adaptable, whilst Taureans prefer to remain in their own comfort zone. 

Geminis can be fairly authoritative when it comes to getting things done, and Taureans cannot tolerate their erratic behaviour most of the time.

Cancer and Libra

In contrast to Cancers, Libra tend to be rather heartless due to their focus on achieving balance in all aspects of life. 

Cancers can occasionally become overly emotional, which might irritate Libra to the point where conflict is the only remaining option.

Leo and Leo

Leos seek attention, but when two individuals of the same sign quarrel, the results may be horrendous. 

The two Leos will engage in a fierce conflict, since they are known for their determination. 

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