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Aggressive Zodiac Sign Ranking


Aries are aggressive and tempermental. They are prone to anger and drama. Aries will fight for anything.


Leo is stubborn and enjoys fighting. They fight people. Defending a loved one is very important.

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Aquarius is angry. They're quick-tempered. They also don't fear conflict. They will speak to you. Aquarius isn't afraid to show his fury.


Taurus typically dislikes conflict. They view arguments as inconsequential and avoid them wherever possible.

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Sagittarius is less prone to anger than other signs. They typically have a considerable amount of time before they become so enraged that they lose control.


 Pisces might become furious about the smallest thing and get angrier when you don't understand.


Scorpio can be perceived as somewhat aggressive. Because of their desire to be a nice person, they typically avoid conflict.


Gemini is typically a blend of aggressive and passive behavior. With Gemini, you never know which side you're going to receive.


Cancer avoids anger so much that they are rarely regarded aggressive.


Libra is renowned for its lack of aggression. They attempt to retain their composure in order to project the image of calmness they wish the world to perceive.


Virgos are more passive-aggressive. Instead of debating, Virgo will sarcastic words under his breath. They avoid conflict and violence.


Capricorn resembles Virgo. When upset, they keep quiet. They frequently feel worse hoping their difficulties will go away. Their anger builds up.

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