Actors Who Rocked A Role

He's the world's least subtle actor and built like a tank. He was unsuitable on paper. It was a wonderful performance because nobody questioned it.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator

I still want a Muppets LotR trilogy with Ian McKellen as Gandalf. “McKellen encompasses everything. It has crankiness, seriousness, knowledge, sometimes goofiness, and wit.

Ian McKellan – Gandalf

“Dame Maggie Smith kills every role. Such an actress found McGonagall easy.” Maggie Smith was a natural. Warner Bros.

Maggie Smith – Professor McGonagall

“It’s his calling.” “When I saw the question, this was the first thing I thought of.”

Christopher Lloyd – Doc

Other characters are readily replaceable. yet Tom Hanks' frantic, neurotic Woody is irreplaceable. It's remarkable to watch a movie actor perform such a wonderful voice-over."

Tom Hanks – Woody

Love it. Michael Keaton was charmingly grotesque. Revolting yet entertaining.” “Keaton was other-worldly.”

Michael Keaton – Beetlejuice

“Oh yeah. She killed it! She was the first female lead to break the 7-figure ceiling.”She hit the reverse no-look basketball shot in one take. 

Sigourney Weaver – Ellen Ripley

“I laughed out loud at the card scene when Christian creamed himself seeing the font.” “Scrolled hoping for this. Huey Lewis and the News moment is iconic.”

Christian Bale – Patrick Bateman

“Best book-to-movie character translation.” He had the look. When I initially watched the trailers, I thought, "that guy looks like a D&D Ranger."

Viggo Mortensen – Aragorn

Dramatic experience gives his humor a deadpan delivery. However, his Drebin performance typecast him. 

Leslie Nielsen – Frank Drebin

“The movie wasn’t supposed to focus on Doc Holliday, but the cast must have seen that he was doing something truly special and said, ‘This is his movie now’.”

Val Kilmer – Doc Holliday 

I appreciate how beautifully he represented Lord Summerisle as someone conscious his authority is fading and attempting to cling to it while believing his own lies.

Christopher Lee – Lord Summerisle 

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