Accurate Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign April 21, 2023

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Aries, start. Mercury retrograde begins today, and you're lucky.
Mercury is exalted in Taurus, thus today brings some good things despite all the Merc the Jerk rumors.


Expect powerful thoughts about what the future could be like, but don't jump to conclusions if you find a few things need to alter to get what you want.


Stop working today. Your supervisor may tell you that a project has been handed to someone you know doesn't like you. Or a friend or lover may crush your heart by ending things.


Choose wisely today. Company can lift or lower you. Today's horoscope encourages inspirational connections.


Today, check what other companies pay your title. Write, edit, write. After Mercury retrograde, request a raise.


Virgo, your past is gone. Today your perspective changes. It's like a hole opened in the cosmos, and you realize your lies and anxieties don't control you.


Today, you see the poisonous ex-friend or boyfriend has abandoned interest in you. They don't care about you anymore.


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Today's Mercury retrograde helps you reflect on your love life without getting too upset. Even if you don't know what the future holds, today is the day to contemplate it.


Sagittarius, start with what seems correct. Mercury retrograde in Taurus allows nervous system evaluation.


Selectively, Capricorn. Today you just talk to serious people and quit using dating apps.


Aquarius, stop oversharing. Today you learn to limit your opinions when talking to your parents.


Today will provide a surprise. It may surprise you that your life is returning to a path you diverted from but should not have.


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