7 Exercises Men Should Do Every Day To Stay Muscular

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Stronger glutes and hips improve movement patterns, strength, and knee and lower back health for all men. Find daily activities here.

1. Hip Bridges

Squats rule workout. They're wonderful for mobility, recovery, and lifting barbells, kettlebells, etc. (Go down for mobility.)

2. Squats

Sitting causes tight hip flexors and inefficient movement patterns. Stretching can fix this.

3. Hip Flexor Stretch

This dynamic stretch opens hips and back. Improved mobility means better workouts and less aches.

4. Spiderman Lunges with Overhead Reach

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There's a myth that cardio reduces your muscle size. If you want to stay muscular, light cardio is essential—it accelerates your recovery from your workouts 

5. Walk

Wall slides are our next daily muscle-maintenance workout for men. Due to a strong chest and weak back, many men have hunched shoulders. 

6. Wall Slides

A plank?! Listen: Before a workout, stimulate your core to prepare it for big weights and plenty of reps. On non-workout days, do the same to stay active and improve posture.

7. Planks

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