5 Quick & Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat & Build Lean Muscle

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 Protein isn't only for adding muscle to your frame. The Mayo Clinic suggests eating high-protein foods and drinking protein shakes to maintain lean muscle mass, 

1. Eat a high-protein diet.

reduce body fat, feel full, and lose weight. Of course, too much of anything is bad, so don't overdo it with protein, as that can make it harder to lose belly fat.

There's a frequent misperception out there that practicing with free weights can make you seem excessively muscular or "bulky."

2. Incorporate weight lifting into your routine.

But in fact, strength training—aka lifting weights—can help you slim down and achieve an impressive muscle tone. 

Lifting weights and doing aerobic exercise are healthy ways to lose belly fat and weight. 

3. Perform cardio a minimum of five days a week.

A strong regimen of cardio is an exceptional approach to increase your general body composition.

This step can be a tough one, as Dr. Bohl tells us, "Having high stress and not getting enough sleep are both associated with weight gain.

4. Keep the stress at bay, and sleep well.

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As part of a strategy to modify your body, improving both of these things is one of the most significant things you can do."

This tip sounds so simple, yet research that spans decades reveals that a whopping 90% of Americans follow poor eating habits.

5. Maintain an overall healthy diet.

Only 10% and 12% eat enough fruits and vegetables. Establishing proper eating habits is vital if you ever want to reduce weight and belly fat in a healthy manner.

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