4 Zodiac Signs Unintentionally Causing Heartbreak

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You know you're disappointing someone, but you don't realize how harsh you are. You think a simple "sorry, I'm not interested" is the best way to say no, but not everyone likes it.


Worse, you'll say your piece and leave like the person doesn't need aftercare. Aries, some people might benefit from a few kind words following rejection. 

Cancer, you're emotional and occasionally put your own feelings above others'. You feel so bad about rejecting someone that they feel pressured to console you,


even though they're the one being rejected. While caring about your feelings is good, it can get in the way of letting others feel. 

You don't realize you're breaking hearts. You have no idea when someone likes you. You believe everyone wants to be your buddy and rationalize every touch and uneasy chuckle. 


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You treat them like a friend because you think they are, but they take it as a rejection. Even when someone is hurling themselves at you.

Like Libra, you miss signs of affection. You don't take the discovery of an admirer seriously. You assume others don't care because you don't. 


That's untrue. Being so casual when someone asks you out or confesses their affections hurts more than rejection. 

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