4 Zodiac Signs That Over-Romanticize Situations

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Pisces are sensitive and empathetic to a fault since Jupiter rules them. Dreamers struggle to wake awake. Pisceans always see the "good" in life.


Their partners don't see life as a romantic comedy. Sensitive and insecure, they will do anything to save a deteriorating relationship.

Geminis enjoy love. They keep coming back for more despite heartbreak. They consider themselves romantic, but others—including their partners—see them as dependent, weak, and naïve. 


They're especially prone to emotional predators and sadists who don't care about love but relish emotional dominance.

Cancers are moon-ruled and emotional. Emotions are fine. Please your lover. However, Cancers think everyone is like them. 


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They're so preoccupied with the other person that they don't know they're being mistreated or deprived until it's too late. They'll let their lover abuse them till they lose respect.

The fiery, bold, sun-ruled Lion enjoys the spotlight. In romance, they care more about social standing than other signs.


Leos don't mind making bystanders nauseous with public displays of adoration and repeated social-media photos of them snuggling and canoodling with their new sweetheart.

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