4 things can be eaten with mold

A Twitter "food disgust test" debated moldy food safety. A food safety specialist advised removing mold from hard fruit and marmalade.

Avoid moldy soft cheeses, yogurts, and pasta sauces. This week, a quiz on food aversions made moldy food trend on Twitter.

'Food distaste test' invites users to score 32 food-related propositions on a scale from disagree to agree. The questionnaire tells users which categories upset them most, sparking Twitter discussion.

Marmalade and hard fruit are mold-safe.
Anderson said consumers would clip mold off things if food costs rise.

"If I was cutting mold off anything, I'd cut an inch off the product," she remarked. She advised against cutting moldy food with a knife. She advised cutting mold off hard cheese and salami.

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The quiz asks whether users agree or disagree with "I will not eat marmalade from which mold has been removed from the surface."

A Twitter user stated they feared "moldy marmalade people." Anderson felt eating jelly and marmalades after scraping the mold was OK. She remarked, "It's got quite a lot of sugar," a preservative.

However, she claimed it's personal taste.

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