2 Sweeteners That Practically Guarantee Belly Fat

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Many individuals like to sweeten their morning coffee with a tablespoon of refined sugar. Scott advises that these and other dangerous coffee constituents might impair your health

Refined sugar

"Refined sugar is those that came from natural sources but underwent processing to strip off other healthy ingredients and left only with the sugar part," she says. 

Scott says this sugar spikes blood sugar, which can lead to weight gain over time.

"The bad thing about refined sugar is that the body is able to metabolize and break them down rapidly so it causes a spike in blood sugar levels," she says.

Insulin overproduction follows. Insulin resistance can cause diabetes and heart disease if this persists. This can make weight loss difficult." Thus, it's better to restrict refined sugar intake.

If you're trying to cut sugar, artificial sweeteners may seem healthier. Unfortunately, Nanavati says otherwise. Artificial sweeteners can increase fat formation.

Artificial sweeteners

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"One of the most significant effects of artificial sweeteners is inflammation and weight gain,

She says this can slow metabolism and cause tummy fat: These sweeteners raise blood glucose, which makes the body store more fat and gain weight.

In addition to this direct effect, artificial sweeteners can boost your cravings for sweet food (including real sugar), making you more prone to overeat unhealthy foods.

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