2 Best Tips To Lose Belly Fat and Build Muscle

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Summer weight loss or toning? Your tip! Jenna Rizzo (@jennaaaamariee) is a TikTok wellness coach that helps ladies lose weight. Jenna is your nutritionist and scale-lowering expert. 

Protein is crucial to any healthy diet, whether you're trying to gain or lose weight. Any diet must prioritize this macronutrient!Jenna thinks her clients' diets lack protein. , that's easy to fix. 

Why does protein aid weight loss? Science explains it. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer, so you'll snack less. Protein boosts fat burning, too!

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Target 30 grams of protein every meal. Chicken breast, tuna, Greek yogurt, lean ground beef, turkey, and cottage cheese are good protein sources.

Second tip: digestion. Probiotics are vital to a healthy diet because they help maintain good gut bacteria. Consuming probiotics can improve health. Bacteria aren't all harmful! 

Yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and kimchi are probiotic foods. These also reduce sugar cravings. Keep these tips handy. Two steps to feeling great!

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