11 Easy-to-Grow Flowers


Weekly watering is plenty! Southern Supertunia Vista cultivars survive an additional month and into autumn in temperate regions, making them low-maintenance.


Begonias are ideal for shaded gardens. They also survive dryness and sun. These easy-to-grow flowers thrive in pots or the ground. 


These versatile blooms may reach three feet in full light. They also thrive in shade. Drought-tolerant zinnias grow swiftly.


These low-maintenance blooms bloom far into October with a little deadheading in full light. They tolerate sporadic watering! 


Since they grow best in soil temperatures between 45° F and 65° F, they're a popular autumn bedding plant. They require light and well-drained soil.

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These vigorous spring and autumn bloomers can resist harsh weather. Sunlight and well-drained, healthy soil are needed. Another perk? Deer don't eat them!

Butterfly Milkweed

These flowers grow in any soil. They need minimal water after planting. Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies love them.


These annuals thrive on low soil. They enjoy full sun but midday shade in hot regions. They endure dryness and neglect.


In warmer climates, these low-maintenance flowers love midday shade. Hardy geraniums bloom abundantly from early spring until frost and are drought- and deer-resistant.


Butterflies, bees, and birds love coneflowers. They require full light but may tolerate shade. Early spring bloomers survive the first cold.

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