10 Gross American Foods


Mac-and-cheese to Cheese Whiz being nasty, but indignation centered on canned cheese, which only needs 51% cheese.

Sugar Content

Most people are startled by how much sugar Americans eat. I bought a peanut-butter cake mix. 

Candy Corn

Baked cornstarch with colored sugar and wax? According to thread comments, plenty. Haters may simply ignore Halloween. It's not America's best sweets!


Brits are arrogant about their confectionery being the best (biased sidenote: it is). In one searing insult, their mum visited them in the US. 

Onions bloom

Themed restaurants are difficult for Australians. Outback Restaurant's Aussie-speak is to blame.

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Canned Food

For whatever reason, tinned food—specifically those that "probably don't need to be canned"—was disliked. Long-term canning degrades taste.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Thanksgiving supper is a ten-star feast. The marshmallow and brown sugar-topped sweet potato dish may have offended some. 

Hershey Chocolate

Even Americans agreed. The "chocolate" industrial candy bar still sells.


With Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme fighting for dominance, there's never been a better moment to eat an American doughnut.

Ambrosia Salad

I'm in the camp and have tripwires and furious rottweilers to guard it. Ambrosia salad is sweet coleslaw.

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