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    Every time I visit the nail salon, I ponder a question that every client has pondered at least once: Are there specific nail polish colors that men find attractive on women? Some people believe that basing your life decisions on what a man likes most about you is foolish. While this is true, if you are like the majority of women on the dating scene, you are often doing everything you can to snag a decent man! Unbeknownst to the majority of people, however, one of the first things men notice about women upon first meeting them is their hands. In fact, it is inevitable if you are out for drinks or dinner because they are right in front of you. So, believe it or not, men enjoy a variety of nail polish colors!

    1. RUBY RED

    Men have repeatedly told me that bright ruby red is the best color for all women. Ruby red can be worn with almost any outfit, including the classic little black dress and a lacy white summer top. This may appear risky to more conservative women, but it is one of the most attractive and captivating nail polish colors for men. Therefore, there is no reason not to take that leap of faith and observe the reactions of the men around you.

    2. CORAL

    Numerous fashion experts have proclaimed coral to be the must-have color for spring and summer. But as a personal favorite, even if Coral were not in style this season, I would absolutely recommend it as a nail color that attracts the attention of all male prospects. Men assert that they adore coral on women because it flatters even the palest skin tones and appears very natural. Coral can be included in the category of nail polish colors that men adore because it is so endearing, fun, beautiful, and understated at the same time.

    3. EMERALD

    Whether or not you are a true Irish redhead, emerald is a classy and elegant nail polish color that men adore! Especially for dinner dates and formal events, emerald truly reveals your healthy skin and cuticles whenever you shake hands with a new person. In dark settings, emerald nails are ideal for giving your outfit an extra fun pop and attracting the attention of men who would not normally see you. While some men agree that certain shades of emerald can be perceived as garish, the perfect combination of dark green and gold can produce a nail polish color that is stunningly seductive. No wonder this is one of the most popular nail polish colors among men!


    The beautiful, delicate shade of pink found on ballet slippers has been captured in a bottle of nail polish as ballet slipper pink. It is known as one of men’s favorite nail polish colors because it is as simple and natural as it gets without completely washing out the skin tone. Men who are typically more reserved and conservative prefer women who behave similarly, which is why I suggest this lovely muted pink. It can be worn on all formal occasions, including family gatherings, while still projecting a flirtatious, playful attitude to approaching suitors.


    It is impossible to go wrong with earth tones. Men have always been known to prefer floral patterns on women, and the same rule applies to the nail polish colors they prefer. If you haven’t tried lavender nail polish before, you should definitely do so. lavender is both a wonderful fragrance and a charming nail polish color. With the proper attire, men find lavender charming.

    6. CRIMSON

    It’s no secret that when men think of the color crimson red, they think of seductiveness. Crimson deserves a place among men’s favorite nail polish colors, as its name alone screams “VA VA VA VOOM!” Due to its timeless versatility, crimson can enliven the manicures of both mature women and young adults. On a trip to the mall, I observed some women wearing crimson with jeans, while others paired it with black lace evening gowns. It is extremely feminine and attractive; even Bon Jovi mentions it in his song “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Remember the lyrics, “Blood red nails on your fingertips, a schoolboy’s nightmare, you’re so timid.” How could you not choose red for your next manicure after hearing that tune?

    7. MAGENTA

    Most men enjoy being reminded that their date is sweet and demure, and magenta is the ideal nail polish color for this purpose. It is neither too bright nor too subdued, and it adds the perfect amount of femininity. Magenta is one of the nail polish colors that men adore for these and other reasons. It is timeless and can be worn with virtually any ensemble and at any time of year.

    8. NUDE

    Similar to the ballet slipper pink, a nude nail polish is suitable for any occasion. It keeps your nails looking natural and uncomplicated while maintaining an elegant appearance. Neutral nail polish is ideal for when you want to maintain a low profile!

    9. WHITE

    Are you a fan of white manicures? So are men! As women, we all have a slight fixation on the color white. It is a go-to color because it complements everything! This color is ideal for a manicure because it will keep you looking chic and sophisticated, which your man will appreciate. You can add color by wearing amusing rings as accessories!

    10. PLUM

    If you believe that a bold red color is too overwhelming, choose a plum color instead. It is equally effective in the “sexy” category! I adore its deep, rich color. It is the ideal level of seductiveness and will attract the attention of any man!

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